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1) Bubble Bath (210ml)

Complete your dreamy bedtime routine with this Sandalwood Oak bubbler. Sink deep into a warming embrace and find peaceful relaxation

Benefits: Skin softener, Sandalwood Oak sudsy bubbles


2) Shower Gel (300ml)

Lather up with this Sandalwood Oak fragrance. Let it sink into your skin to smooth and soften. It’s a warm explosion for your skin & senses

Benefits: Packed with many Vitamins for skin nourishment


3) Body Lotion (100ml)

A luxuriously Sandalwood Oak Lotion to soothe and moisturize your skin, body and mind before setting down for the night.

Benefits: Calming Sandalwood Oak Lotion with rich shea butter


4) Body Mist (120ml)

Refreshing Body Mist in a woodsy smell will awaken your senses, leaving you feeling revitalized. Spritz the Sandalwood Oak Mist for alluring scent.

Benefits: Has no parabens or harsh chemicals


5) Bath Salt (100g)

Soak in a tub filled with these Bath Salts. It detoxifies your body, improves skin barrier function and leaves you smelling delightful and fresh

Benefits: Made with essential Minerals for a deep cleanse


6) Handmade Soap (80g)

Get dull, dry skin glowing again with this uplifting sudsy Handmade Bath Soap. Features plenty fine sea salt to buff away flaky skin.

Benefits: Handmade with Vitamin E & Shea Butter


7) Face Wash with Brush (100ml)

Cleanse properly using the built in Face Brush. It has soft silicone bristles & removes dead skin cells. Wash and brush for best glowing results.

Benefits: Sleek design and removes impurities


8) Lush Bath Puff

Create an at-home spa experience with this soft Bath Puff. Gently cleanses the most sensitive skin, improving circulation and skin health

Benefits: Made with durable fabric and machine washable


9) Wooden Basket

The perfect gift to give on Birthdays or any other occasion. No additional wrapping needed. It is ready to go with its beautiful décor

Benefits: Reusable, durable and perfect for decoration


10) Personalized Gift Note

Add some extra oomph with this Personalized Gift Note. Surprise them with your own few words that conveys your heartwarming message

Benefits: Gives your gift a personal touch

Sandalwood Oak Home Bath Set - 9Pc Body Care Kit

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