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Roses are red... and many other colors

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Roses are commonly associated with love, caring and romance, however depending on the color of the rose and the sender, it could mean much more. Roses date back to ancient times, but some 4,000 years later they can be grown or purchased in a variety of colors and sizes. The three popular types are the sweetheart, tea and spray.

In addition to the color of the rose, the number of roses also play an important role in the message. Most commonly, a dozen roses means love and appreciation. So why is a dozen so significant in the message? Twelve often represents complete. Such as 12 months in a year, 12 hours on the clock, or the 12 signs of the zodiac. Sending a dozen roses represents a complete cycle.

Rose Color Flower Meaning

Red Rose - Love, Romance, Caring.

White Rose- Purity, heavenly, innocence, secrecy, worthy, silence.

Red and White- Unity.

Yellow- Friendship, jealousy, fading or decreasing love.

Orange- Passion, Fascination

Purple- Love, style, elegance.

Pink- Thankful, grace, joy

The number of roses sent meaning:

A single rose- love at first sight

2 Roses- Deeply shared love

3 Roses say "I love you"

5 Roses- given to a friend or partner to signify love and appreciation

6 Roses say "I want to be yours" Sending six roses expresses taking it to the next level

7 Roses- Infatuation

9 Roses- Eternal love, Want to spend the rest of live together

10 Roses- The perfect 10, Says "You are Perfect"

12 Roses- Complete, You complete me

24 Roses- "You are always on my mind" 24 hours a day

How to care for fresh cut roses:

1) Temperature is key to the life of a rose. Enjoy your roses and display them proudly but keep them in a cool area our of direct sunlight.

2) Ensure the roses have plenty of fresh water. Avoid water from a water softener.

3) Feed your roses plant food accordingly. Do not overfeed.

4) Every 5-7 days, run water in a temporary container. Empty and thoroughly clean the container and refill with fresh water and plant food. Recut the stems and immediately put into new fresh water.

5) Enjoy them and think of the person that sent them.

The next time you call your favorite florist to order the special someone roses, what color rose will you request and will they receive 24 roses to indicate they are on your mind 24 hours a day?

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