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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Home Decorations and finishing touches bring a space to life. Rather it is the perfect focal arrangement, artwork, drapes, or personal artifacts in the room, these things tell the story from beginning to end.

Most of us want to freshen up the space frequently, and tend to be conscious of the budget when selecting the perfect items to fill a room. This is good, and can be a lot of fun. For example, I personally love thrifting and garage sales for sourcing. It can be an adventure and it is fun to give new life to someone's past treasures. This can help with the budget, be a fun day activity and can ignite the passion for decorating.

However, this can also lead to unexpected expenses causing a blown budget or less than desired outcomes. What? The previous statement was all roses, but all things are not as they appear. When purchasing items while thrifting, you find the "perfect" piece which on its own merits is beautiful, but often incomplete. You purchase with the intent to find affordable supplies to complete the overall design, which leads to desperation purchases when the budget friendly items can't be sourced.

Repurpose items to maximize use and value, while minimizing the unexpected blows to the budget. For example, if you have a quality eucalyptus swag, changing the bows periodically and adding other floral stems to the back and throughout the swag can repurpose an item to fit the space. Your floral designer is also willing to create custom arrangements that can can be repurposed multiple times. Designers are very creative and love a good challenge. When purchasing an arrangement, plan ahead and express your plans for the piece throughout the year so the designer can customize with add in pieces, bows, and more. Keeping the arrangement fresh, current and relevant.

As for thrifting, I personally found a $35 vase on my last trip that I only paid $5 plus tax. This was such a huge score that I was able to bank the savings to purchase premium floral stems to create the perfect foyer arrangement. On another adventure I found a small wooden and fabric foot stool for $8. I removed the fabric and padding and repurposed into a base for a dining room centerpiece. Share your thrifting finds below in the comments and how you repurposed them.

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