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Flowers are an Art, and a Science

Flowers evoke many emotions, but different emotions for each person. Some people will suddenly smile at the sight of flowers, others may feel warmth from the notion that someone thought of them, and some may even laugh. Yes, laugh. Laugh from the uncomfortable moment of receiving flowers for the first time. These, among others, are all very valid emotions.

Just as flowers can bring out many emotions, there is also many artforms to flower arranging. Some may like it tight and full, others prefer tall and airy. There is no right design. Like art, flower arranging is very subjective to the creator and receiver. Art spans many spectrums as do flowers. Like an artist with the stroke of brush, many florist also have their signature within the arrangement.

Flowers are also a science. Not all flowers were created equal, need they not be treated equal. Some will die in plant food, while others will thrive. Flower care is a vital part of flower art. Like two beta fish in a fishbowl, put the two wrong flowers together, and only one will win!

It is for this reason, that so many brides call with disappointment after their wedding flowers were dead and dropping from the bouquet as they walk the aisle. Their self made bouquet was stunning from the original Instagram post, but improper care of the flowers from creation to walking the aisle provided a dreadful ending. This is where the science part of Flower Art becomes evident. From the moment flowers are received, they must be processed and stored properly. Once arranged, they must maintain a good water source, proper temperatures, and depending on the flowers, avoid direct sunlight until they are ready to be revealed to the wedding attendees.

Research the flowers that you receive or will using in your next project or artwork. With a solid understanding of the science behind flowers, your gifted arrangement or creation will thrive and can be on display much longer.

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