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April Fool's Day

April 1st is a day for laughter, pranks and light hearted fun. After last years April 1st, this year is an opportunity to inject a joke and thoughtful gift.

Laughter is good for the soul. A well timed and placed April Fools day prank can bring laughter and raise spirits of anyone, regardless of age. It is an important day for us to use fun and laughter as a tool for healing.

2020 and yes, even 2021 for some has been a strain on their finance, health, mental well being and... you can fill in the blank. Today is an opportunity for everyone to spread love, cheer and laughter. Flowers are a great way to add an extra thoughtful action this April Fools Day.

No need to spend a fortune. Flowers are not traditionally given on April 1st, so any arrangement, hand tied or wrapped bouquet will be perfect!

Another tradition to start is giving a small arrangement, handtied, or wrapped bouquet each Friday during the month of April. April Flowers will be Bring May Showers of Love!

Share your best prank of the day in the comments!

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