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A Man's Guide To Ordering Flowers

In the age of technology, ordering flowers has never been easier, but do you always get what you pay for? Read the entire article to ensure you get the best flower arrangement and the most for your money.

Let's start with getting the best flower arrangement. Online ordering is super simple, quick and the entire transaction can be completed without ever speaking to an actual person. Next thing you know, you girl is calling or video chatting with excitement. That is the end result, hopefully. And hopefully your online transaction will go smooth and end in smiles, happiness and hugs. In today's times, this is what many retail transactions look like. Online order placed, order fulfilled and delivered, and transaction closed. The giving of flowers is more than an emotionless transaction online. Receiving flowers is a special moment that requires emotion, trust in the designer and personal touches. This is all achieved by contacting your local florist to place your order.

Your local florist will personalize the arrangement based on information you give about the receiver. Such as their favorite color, flowers, hobbies, their personality, dislikes and any allergies they may have to certain flowers. This personable conversation between the florist will ensure the perfect arrangement! The term best is relative to the individual, but anytime a personal connection is injected into gift giving it is always better.

Listen to your local florist. Some flowers have seasons. While a shop may be able to obtain a certain flower that is requested, if the previous order was less than impressive, the florist will guide you to an alternative that will be stunning. Once a florist receives flowers, they take time to process and wake up from their journey from the field to your arrangement. Your local florist will suggest the best florals currently in stock to customize your arrangement.

It may sound odd, how do I get more for my money? I mean, why would I ever get less when placing an order? The transactions for most online floral orders are completed by companies that have no physical location of flowers. They farm out the order to a local florist to complete the transaction with cookie cutter website designs. This creates recipes that must be followed, and often lead arrangements that are worth less than the order. The online order takers have to get paid, so your flower order is shared between the merchant service company, the online order taker, and the local florist. If placing your order direct with a local florist, the entire order (transaction amount) will go towards the arrangement, delivery and taxes.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the article. Here is are bonus tips: When contacting your local florist ask about a bundle special. Most local florist have a variety of gifts in the shop that can be bundled with your flower arrangement to make the gift even more special to the receiver. Maybe it is a unique candle in their favorite scent or a plush bear to snuggle when you are out of town on work. Ask the local florist what their current specials are for a specific holiday. Order early. Ordering early allows you options, whereas ordering late may restrict the florist based on floral availability.

I hope this advice helps you with your next flower order, and your special someone comes running to give hugs and kisses in gratitude.

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